Baseball: A Gentleman’s Sport?

Today we live in world of high fashion.  Glitz, glam, and entertainers that always take things over the top.  In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that if you turn on the television every night, there is going to be some soap opera on, or some reality show that is “rotting the minds,” or something like that.

Baseball, ever since it’s inception in the late 1800s, has always been a gentleman’s sport, or at least so they say.  When it first became a commonly played sport, it was reserved for the elite, the rich, and the well to-do.  Hence, how it became a game of honor and standing.

However, recently people (including players),  claim the game of baseball is nowhere near a gentleman’s sport, nor should it be.  People are too stiff, and take it too seriously.  It is a game after all.  In comments that surfaced in the past few days, Bryce Harper of the Nats praised individuals like Steph Curry for being wild, aggressive, and showboat-y.  He felt that baseball should be the same way, allowing people like Bautista to famously chuck his bat after a clinching home-run.  While this holds water, to a point, with most people.  There will always be the purists that want baseball to be different, and I cant really disagree.

…However people can, and DO, take it to the extreme.

bhgtj3z8tkz91xeh3md3After being asked how he felt about Bautista’s insane flip, Hall of Fame reliever, Goose, Gossage, responded with this;

“The game is becoming a freaking joke because of the nerds who are running it. I’ll tell you    what has happened, these guys played Rotisserie baseball at Harvard or wherever the f— they went and they thought they figured the f—ing game out. They don’t know s—.”


A little harsh, don’t you think?  If you were wondering, the “nerds” he was referring to are individuals who own and run MLB teams who have never played before in the league. Because apparently that’s a requirement.

He went on about how Bautista is a disgrace to the game and yada yada yada… but is he really?  Baseball is exciting, it’s thrilling, and it’s moments like that that will stick with the game forever.  Not all those stuffed up snobs, at least in my opinion.

Of course, everything in moderation.  I don’t think fireworks and chest beating should be happening because you got a ground-out, but a bat flip every once in a while?  What’s it going to hurt.

Here’s another quote, one that fits the situation, and one that’s a little bit more moderate;

Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up” – Bob Lemon