Mission Statement

source: businessinsider.com

Baseball, easy to love, and definitely easy to get swept away in, so that’s where I come in.

The goal of this blog is simple, to bring you not only baseball news, stories, and stats, but to also bring the game to life in a different, friendlier kind of way.  Everyday we see sports programs with analysts, past baseball players, and everyone in-between.  One thing that you never see?  Conversations from the fans, the true fans.  Sure, hearing information from the people in the booth is great, and a perfect source of information, but what about the people sitting in the nosebleeds?  The bleachers?  Or even the people standing on the outside of the ballpark with a radio in their hands just wanting to be around the action, but not having enough to actually get a ticket?  That’s the voice of this blog, the voice of the fan(atic).

baseball fans
source: latestonsports.com

Some of my favorites stories I have ever had, or the ones that I have heard about the game of baseball are stories of watching a team try to clinch the playoffs in late September, sitting in bleacher seats covered in blanket trying to stay out of the rain.  Or becoming excited when off-season baseball starts, just to get pumped up about the sport once again.  Baseball is a great game, and what makes it even better is that everyone can be involved, from the players, to the fans, and even to the vendors.

This blog covers the true meaning of the game, the fandom, the ideas, and real stories that make the game great.

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