About BasePaul

Paul2If you didn’t know, my name is Paul Laux, or BasePaul, as people call me, and I am the owner, and sole writer for this website and blog.

It shouldn’t be surprising that my entire life, baseball has been a passion of mine, and something I always loved not as only a sport, but as a getaway, a vehicle to escape the world if you will.  Having played for over 10 years (never professionally), I know how great this game can be, and how it can truly, and positively impact your life.

Another passion of mine, broadcasting, has also led me to this experience, and my idea to start this blog.  If there is one thing that is almost as good as baseball, it’s talking about the sport that I love to other people that feel the same.  While other sports have stat sheets, predictions, and anything else you can think of, baseball is that and so much more.  It’s a gentleman’s game, and one that takes humility, along with skill.  Cartoon Paul

Currently, I am a radio personality in Akron, Ohio, near Cleveland under the surname “Chops.”  Obviously, I am a die-hard Indians fan, but that does not mean I can’t appreciate every other team, they all are in it together…or something like that.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to ask!  You can email (paullaux22@gmail.com) me, tweet me, find me on Facebook, or contact me on this website.

Thanks for reading!

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